Natural Agriculture Co. Ltd is lead by a number of seasoned managers with many years of practice in their respective fields.

Uraiwan Cavin – Chairman of the Board

Corporate and Public Affairs, relationship with our partner, the Forest Industry Organization and with local authorities

Jacques Cavin – Member of the Board – Managing Director

Finance, Operations and HR

Sales and Marketing Manager - Vacant

Sales and Marketing, Key Account Management, Regulatory Affairs

Dr Arnat Tancho – Consultant

Assistant Professor, Soil Science Department, Mae Jo University. Advise NAC on technology matters, product development and quality assurance

Accounting Office

PAC Glory, Chiang Mai – Khun Saranya Chotika

External Auditors

Phoenix Professional Services Company Limited – Khun Wichian Kijsawatpaisarn
Amphor Bangkuay, Nontaburi


29, Tanin – Attorney at Laws, Chiang Mai – Khun Sumalee Jennapa